The thing that has been spinning for a long time on the ceiling isn’t keeping me cool. Last night, I heard it being called a Fan. This year, the summer is blistering, is what they are saying. Someone from the room came inside and switched on something that they called AC. A few minutes later, I sensed the cool breeze hitting my skin. “Look, she is drenched in sweat. How can you be so irresponsible?”, I overheard the lady. I could see her talking with the man, but I never got a full picture of that face. I’m sure that I haven’t seen the lady before nor the man, but I have an intuition that I’m familiar with their voice. Also, I don’t have a vivid memory of this house I am in right now. I tried to communicate with the lady. Sometimes she gets it, mostly fails; The man with her never understands; Maybe because of the language difference or I’m oblivious to the problem. However, he rarely talks. They both guard me every hour for the reason I barely know. All they want is to keep me away from the outside world. They never let me out. Gradually, I realized I am hostile. 

My memories are vague and puzzled. I don’t remember since when I’m with them. Every day is difficult here; One morning, the lady was in the kitchen doing her chores, planning to run away from the cage they built, I slowly got down to run, but I couldn’t feel my legs. Soon, I tripped.    

How can someone be so inhumane? Every time I cry out of pitch; They shut my mouth so that  no one could learn my cries.

Each day, they stop me from doing what I want. They never let me bathe. I don’t know what they want from me. Neither they ask nor they understand. They bring a lot of things and shove them on me. I told them umpteen times not to do this; they never listen. Instead of lying down here, watching the fan spinning all day, an urge to see the world beyond these walls, to explore my freedom is getting stronger with time.  

There are so many things that annoy me here. They hit me for no reason. They only feed once I bawl. I observe them eating many cuisines; They never let me eat that fancy food. Even if I get to manage my hands on it, they will snatch it from me. At times, the man gets the food to my mouth and eats it. How can someone be so inhumane? Every time I cry out of pitch; They shut my mouth so that no one could learn my cries.  

This doesn’t end here. One day, they exhibit me as if I’m a toy. This random person comes spreading his arms wide open, offering a hug, smiles and pulls my cheeks. A few try to terrorize me with their looks while some try to kiss me offering many other things if I kiss them in return. Of course, I resist. I cry my lungs out, pleading them to leave me alone. They never listen. Everyone wants to make a relation with me. How can they expect when I’m not familiar with any of them? How can I believe them blindly? So, I keep calm.   

After all this, in the evenings, a boy comes from nowhere, he stinks a lot, to be honest. He calls me, Pintu! I see him only in the evenings. He tries to play with me as soon as he comes, but the lady never allows him to touch me until he showers. He plays with me and shows a lot of love and concern. He helps me with walking and makes me laugh with his silly games. Laughing at my babblings; He listens to me eagerly. Amidst all the chaos, I started feeling secured around him.  

Days passed, they started teaching me their language. At first, it was difficult, gradually it became easy. I understood more of their language and started conversing with them. They feel so elated when I speak in their language. The lady asks me to call her as Mother and that man as Father. When I say call them their faces light up like a bulb; A new word which I recently learned when Mother said pointing it. Now, it’s almost that time, the boy comes and takes me in his arms; Today, I will pee on him, just like every time. By the way, the last morning, they asked me to call him as a brother. (I will call him when he isn’t paying attention) Whatever it is, now, I started to feel a sense of warmth with them. Like a family. Like a home.